Sports and recreation | Rab

The island of Rab offers many interesting activities for nature lovers. Besides swimming at Rab's beautiful beaches, visitors can also enjoy footpaths, cycling trails, educational trails, diving, tennis etc. Unlike swimming in the sea, these activities are available throughout the year and are favoured especially by guests who arrive out of season.

Footpaths, hiking trails and educational trails

The island of Rab is 22 km long and 11 km wide, but it has as much as 100 km of marked footpaths suitable for light walking and trekking. Some of them such as the so-called lungo mare, run only along the coast, whilst others branch off into the interior of the island, through lush forests and geologically interesting features.

The highest peak on Rab is Kamenjak at 408 m above sea level. However, the lack of heights does not mean that Rab has no hiking trails. One of them leads right to Kamenjak, from where one has a view of Rab, its archipelago, the islands of Cres, Lošinj, Silba, Olib, Krk and Pag and the mountain massif of Velebit.

We recommend the hiking trail on the Kalifront peninsula and the forested-nature reserve of Dundo which are not demanding and so can be enjoyed by those who are less physically able and elderly people.

A well-known educational trail on Rab is the Premužić Trail. One part of it leads through the Dundo nature reserve and the Kalifront peninsula. The other is about 5 km long and is located between Supetarska Draga and Lopar. Also located there is the “Roman road”, a part of the route of the path's construction with a method of building dating back to the period of the Roman Empire. The educational path leads to rocky ground which provides a beautiful view of the Lopar peninsula and the islands of Sv. Grgur and Krk. The Velebit mountain can be seen in the background.

Cycling trails

The total length of the cycling trails on the island of Rab is over 100 km, and they connect all parts of the island including the peak of Kamenjak, which we would like to particularly emphasize due to its glorious view of Kvarner and Velebit, the forests and the Dundo reserve on the Kalifront peninsula and the Lopar peninsula where the effects of erosion on the flysch ground are clearly visible. Several cycling trails lead to the sandy beaches or flysch ridges. Rab's cycling trails will delight all fans of mountain biking.


The Geopark is a joint project run by the Town of Rab and the Faculty of Science in Zagreb. During the preparation of the project, more than one hundred geological sites were registered, and then the first geological trail was marked along the route of the famous Premužić hiking trail. Signs written in four languages mark 25 geo-points. At the entry points of the Geopark, there are also signs which direct visitors to interesting geological features along the trail.

Tennis and other sports and recreational activities

The Imperial offers many sports and recreational activities within their accommodation facilities: 19 tennis courts, three swimming pools, two wellness centres and large outdoor entertainment centres along the tourist resort of San Marino in Lopar. The mild Mediterranean climate makes it possible to play tennis outside the whole year round.


Diving is becoming an increasingly popular sport, and the six diving bases on the island of Rab offer diving lessons and diving excursions along with expert guides and equipment rental. For lovers of diving, the undersea world of Rab and its nearby islands and coast is especially interesting: undersea caves and tunnels, shoals of fish, shellfish, corals and small wrecks (Kostača, the island of Grgur, the Macinj cliff, the Medova Buža cave, the wreck of a cargo ship in Zavratnica Bay, Punta and Kalifront). As a particularly interesting locality we would like to highlight the protected field of amphorae near Sorinj.