Vision and mission

Our VISION is to be a recognizable and leading regional firm in tourism, catering and hotel management.

Our MISSION is to greet every guest with a smile and give him a pleasant, relaxing and memorable stay which makes him want to come back. A satisfied guest is a prerequisite for the satisfaction of the owners and current employees at our company, but also for future generations who see Imperial d.d. as a way towards a secured existence and hope for life on the island.

To accomplish the mission, the following GOALS have been set before the managerial and executive personnel:
  • Market. Stability and expansion in the countries of Western and Central Europe, particularly Germany, Italy, Austria, England, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Poland, Sweden and Slovenia, and in the domestic market.
  • Innovation and productivity. Permanent innovations in service content, the process of service provision and sales. An increase in the level of quality and a reduction of costs in order to increase competitiveness.
  • Informatization. A significant increase of performance, an improvement of business functions and controls imposed by the need of continuing computerization of the entire business system and its continuous updating.
  • Staff. Selection and sustained training of personnel in all business functions, especially in services, sales and finance. Particular attention should be paid to the selection and specialized education of managerial personnel and a remuneration system at all levels.
  • Profitability. The aim is to achieve profits in order to accomplish a steady growth of the Company's assets and payment of dividends to shareholders.
  • Environmental protection. Imperial d.d. is committed to the mission of protecting the environment. Our goal is to highlight the unique geological and natural values of the island and assist in their preservation, to promote sustainable development, to take responsibility for resource management and indicate the necessary care for the flora and fauna ecosystem of the island of Rab.