Wellnes Centre Grand Hotel Imperial

Grand Hotel Imperial Wellness Centre is an oasis of relaxation, situated on a quiet location in the Komrčar town park, just above the city centre and the old town of Rab. The position of the hotel is perfect for those who wish to complete their wellness program with recreation in nature. Three tennis courts are available in front of the hotel, as well as a mini-golf court. A fitness room is provided on the premises, and the surrounding park area is saturated with well maintained walking paths, ideal for jogging or biking. If searching for a suitable ambient for a peaceful recovery, the Grand Hotel Imperial is placed far enough from the urban area, while at the same time, within walking distance of the islands cultural and entertainment centre and its accompanying offer.  Wellness centre offers:
  • Bio-sauna and Finnish sauna - saunas are perfect for burning calories, easing in the muscle pain, relaxation and most importantly, body detoxication.
  • A water massage and warm, oxygen-rich water of the whirlpool will help relax the body, stimulate circulation and self-healing effects.
  • Indoor and outdoor pool 
  • Relaxation room - enjoy the scents of islands indigenous plants with view of the beautiful town park.
  • Fitness room
  • Massage salon - release tension, relax tired muscles and eliminate the effects of stress and fatigue.
  • Solarium - take advantage of artificial light to safely and quickly top up the tan.
  • Cosmetic salon - An appropriate body care to make You feel and look in top edition.
Price List - PDF
Wellness program and price listPrice (HRK)
Spa zone - 3 h
Relaxation room. The price includes: robe, slippers, towels, tea.
For non-hotel guest: 3 h = 90,00 kn 
Turkish bath ( for 1 - 2 persons ) - 1h 50,00 / 80,00 
Solarium - 1 min 5,00 
Bathrobe 350,00 
Towel rental 7,00 
Bathrobe rental 25,00 
Fitness - for hotel guests free of charge

Pool (outdoor and indoor)                                       Price (HRK)
For hotel guests  Free of charge
For non-hotel guests - Daily ticket 25,00
For non-hotel guests - Monthly ticket 300,00
Deckchair reservation + 1 towel 20,00
Canopy reservation + 2 towels 65,00 

House Rules

  • Please switch off mobile phones before entering the Wellness Centre
  • Please come 10 minutes earlier to an appointment, if late, we will not be able to
  • extend the treatment
  • Children under 14 are not allowed in the spa area (sauna)
  • Please inform the person at the reception of any serious medical condition
  • (heart problems, high blood pressure, etc.)
Description of servicesDuration (min)Price (HRK)
Classical Massage for the Entire Body
The aim is to relax the pain and tension in certain regions of the body. The effects of classical massage are better blood circulation and relieved stress.
50 230,00 
Partial Massage (backs / leg)
Massage for particular parts of the body, eg back, arms, legs, abdomen, head.
20 - 30 100,00 / 150,00 
Aroma Relax Full Body Massage
certain problems such as stress and fatigue. The fragrances of essential oils act powerfully on the emotions and spirit, and by its chemical composition effects specific organs, tissues, hormonal and nervous system.
60 270,00 
Aroma Relax Feet Massage
By stimulating certain points on the feet, we are helping the flow of energy through the body and eliminate energy blocks or delays, thus affecting the entire body.
20 90,00 
Aroma Relax Feet Massage
By stimulating certain points on the feet, we are helping the flow of energy through the body and eliminate energy blocks or delays, thus affecting the entire body.
30 130,00 
Relax Massage with Chocolate
A pleasant massage with hot chocolate will remove any stress, nourish your skin and elevateyour mood.
60 290,00 
Anti-cellulite Massage for Legs
We stimulate the lymph nodes, blood circulation, eliminate excess fluid and essential oils destroy the fat deposits that accumulate unevenly (orange peel look)
30/45 150,00 / 200,00 
Body Peeling
Mechanical removal of dead skin cells. It regenerates the skin and restores its moisture and softness.
30 170,00 
Hot Stone Massage
Holistic massage with hot volcanic stones - therapeutic thermodynamic effect on blood circulation, eliminates toxins, reduces pain and tension, and achieves psychophysical relaxation.
75 430,00 
Lava Shells
Traditional Filipino Massage. Part of the group of “bodymind” - holistic massage, conducted with selfheating and aromatic mango oils.
50 350,00 
Body Relax Package
Use of spa area, relax aroma massage (60 min), solarium (5 min)
- 290,00 
Romantic Package for Two
Spa Zone / Turkish sauna, aroma relax for him, chocolate massage for her
40 450,00 
Anti-Cellulite Package
3 anti-cellulite massage
10 anti-cellulite massage
40 430,00 / 1270,00 
Massage Package
3 classic massages
5 classic massage
50 550,00 / 860,00 
Imperial Harmony
Lava ShellsIncludes a body scrub using sea salt, a spa area, massage with a mixture of orange and pine oil.
- 370,00 
Imperial Relax Spa ritual
Includes: spa area, relax aroma massage (60 min), Turkish bath Aching muscles and stiff spine will be successfully regenerated and relaxed, and the sauna will warm the body and reduce pain.
- 350,00 
Chocolate Dream
Chocolate peeling and hot chocolate massage stimulates the secretion of serotonin - the hormone of happiness, improves circulation and hydrates the skin.
90 400,00 
Candle Massage
Treat yourself to ultimate aromatherapy experience with four different scents. The molten mass is 100% natural compound that is used as a soothing hot oil for skin care and is ideal for a massage after which your skin will be hydrated, soft and fragrant
 50  350,00