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Daily: 08:00 - 19:00h

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Massages Price (HRK)
Imperial Herbal Dream Pindas Massage 350,00
Hot lava shells
Traditional Filipino Massage. Part of the group of “bodymind” - holistic massage, conducted with selfheating and aromatic mango oils.
Relax Massage with Chocolate
A pleasant massage with hot chocolate will remove any stress, nourish your skin and elevate your mood.
Energo Intensive Massage
Regenerates tired muscles and boosts oxygen supply. This massage restores vitality and speeds up the process of eliminating lactic acid, which is produced as a result of muscle effort. Recommended for people who are actively involved in sport.
RabAroma Herbal Massage
A body massage specifically aimed at removing tensions and reducing stress. This massage creates a feeling of complete relaxation, and the mixture of essential oils from the island will awaken your senses.
Pain Relief Therapy Massage
This massage focuses on muscle relaxation and removing toxins, improving blood circulation in the body, and reducing pain and tension. This is a therapeutic approach and should include a series of at least 3 treatments.
Destress Therapy Massage
Back, neck and head massage. An excellent treatment for people under stress. Particularly recommended after travelling and as an introduction to other massage treatments. This treatment relaxes and boosts the energy level of the body.
Anti-cellulite Leg Massage
We stimulate the lymph nodes, blood circulation, eliminate excess fluid and essential oils destroy the fat deposits that accumulate unevenly (orange peel look).
Back & Feet Vitality Massage 180,00
Partial Massage (backs / legs)
Massage for particular parts of the body, eg. back, arms, legs, abdomen, head.
Aroma Relax Feet Massage
By stimulating certain points on the feet we improve the flow of energy
through the body and eliminate energy blocks, thus acting on the entire body.
AROMA RELAX Facial Massage
Stimulates the circulation and gives the skin a fresh, relaxed appearance. This
massage has a deep relaxing and anti-aging effect  
AromaNature Body Treatments Price (HRK)
AromaSpa Detox
This combination of sauna and special treatments has a beneficial purifying effect and removes toxins, fats, accumulated fluid and cellulite from the body. It also boosts the natural immune system. Lemon and salt peeling and fango and rosemary pack awaken the body and prepare it for a drainage massage.
Top to Toe Spa Ritual
Give your body some Mediterranean energy and health. With the help of the island’s medicinal herbs, your body will be fresh again. Olive peeling, a body massage with immortelle, and a relaxing facial mask and massage with lavender will give you a new, unique experience of the island of Rab. 
AromaSpa Reumal
This treatment helps regenerate and relax tired joints, aching muscles and a stiff spine. The sauna warms up the body, and the warm fango, laurel and pine pack, in combination with a therapeutic massage, reduce pain.
Before Sun
Begin your holiday and prepare your skin for sunbathing with a relaxing body treatment, peeling, and massage with a mixture of oils with beta-carotene.
After Sun
After sunbathing and swimming in the sea, give your skin and body a welldeserved break. Nourish and refresh your tired, thirsty skin with a fango, mint and lavender pack, and enjoy a relaxing massage.
Cosmetics and Beauty Price (HRK)
AromaPure Facial Care
Basic facial care treatment including peeling, herbal mask and massage. This
treatment uses preparations depending on the type of skin and its needs. The
skin is nourished and refreshed.
Spa Manicure
Bath, peeling, hand massage, nail treatment, and nail polish of your choice.
Spa Pedicure
Bath, peeling, foot massage, nail and heel treatment, and nail polish of your
Medical Pedicure
Hot Wax Depilation
Legs - partial
Whole legs 100,00
Whole legs + bikini 130,00
Sauna Wellness Oasis (Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, infra-red and bio sauna) Price (HRK)
Entrance for non-hotel guests
Includes: fitness, swimming pool, towel, bathrobe, refreshments (tea, water and fruit).
Entrance for hotel guests
Includes: towel, robe and refreshments (tea, water and fruit). Fitness included in the price of the accommodation.
Private type entrance (4-8 people)
Includes: Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, Bio and Infrared sauna, relaxation room, towel, bathrobe, water and fruit refreshment.
Wellness Day

For hotel guests
Includes: Spa Oasis (1 entrance up to 3 hours) and Rab Aroma Relax Massage with a mixture of essential oils - 30 minutes. Refreshment with water, tea and fruit.
Indoor and outdoor pool Price (HRK)
For hotel guests included in the price of the accommodation.
Indoor pool is closed 1.7.- 31.8.
Outdoor pool - from opening to closing of the hotel
Working hours: 08:00-19:00h
Entrance to indoor pool
Non-hotel guests (half-day)
Hotel guests
Entrance to outdoor pool
Non-hotel guests
Hotel guests
Towel rental 10,00
Bathrobe rental - daily / weekly
Deck chair reservation
On the outdoor pool for hotel guests.
Deck chair per day (reservation includes towel which guest, upon departure from the pool, should return to the personnel).
Monthly entrance ticket for indoor pool
8 visits 160,0 
12 visits 200,00 
Every day  300,00